Ceralyte is a scientifically formulated solution used for restoring and sustaining cell balance and fluid volumes. Ceralyte has far more substrates for the delivery of electrolytes than any other ORS product. In addition Ceralyte has a low osmolarity which provides both fast and sustained hydration. This is something which simple sugars cannot provide. Ceralyte meets the World Health Organization's standards and is readily available. 


Benefits of Ceralyte:

  • Dual Action – replaces and reduces fluid losses
  • Reduces Fluid losses from 18% to 30%
  • Shortens length of acute diarrheal illness by as much as 2 days
  • Enhances absorption of orally delivered therapeutic agents and vitamins
  • More effective in severe cases of dehydration

    Choosing the best Ceralyte solution:

    • Ceralyte 50 is for mild dehydration and maintaining fluid balance and volume.
    • Ceralyte 50 potassium free is for mild dehydration and maintaining fluid balance and volume with the needed absence of potassium 
    • Ceralyte 70 is for the prevention and correction of moderate dehydration.
    • Ceralyte 90 is for severe dehydration, where fluid losses are high and diarrhea is present.