The Science of Cera

What happens when we become thirsty? When one becomes thirsty, it might seem a simple matter to simply drink some water and assume the water will somehow get into the stomach, then to the intestine where it will be absorbed and enter the blood stream.  This is generally true for normal situations, but when fluid losses are excessive, such as in excessive sweating or diarrhea, one needs special beverages to optimize rapid absorption of water and electrolyte without causing side effects.

What happens with dehydration?  Dehydration occurs when excessive amounts of water are lost from the body, and, along with the water, electrolytes are also lost.  The most important electrolytes are sodium, potassium, and bicarbonate. Depending on the type of fluid loss, these electrolytes are lost in different proportions.  To achieve proper rehydration, one must replenish each of these electrolytes in the amounts that are lost.     

How to optimize absorption from a beverage?  Water and electrolytes are absorbed from the intestine through two main mechanisms: “glucose mediated absorption”and “osmotic absorption.”  When the right amount of glucose and salts are included in the drink, the glucose leads to active absorption of salts and water.  But when the glucose content is increased too much, the osmolarity increases, and the beverage actually works like a laxative, pulling fluid from the blood back into the intestine.  This is why drinking large amounts of beverages with high sugar content (including many sports drinks) can cause bloating and even diarrhea. 

How to provide extra glucose without increasing osmolarity?  While too much glucose in the drink can cause side effects, if the glucose is given as a mixed chain carbohydrate (rather than a simple sugar) double the amount of glucose can be provided, while, at the same time, decreasing osmolarity. The hydration products from Cera Products are made with these mixed chain carbohydrates which maximize rapid absorption while maintaining very low osmolarity and they provide the right concentrations of electrolytes to match your body’s needs. .

Which electrolyte level is best?  The range of products from Cera Products is designed for specific needs.  Cerasport and Cerasport EX1 are for sweat replacement while Ceralyte is designed for losses from the gastrointestinal tract.  This is because the electrolyte requirements are different for the different situations. 

Nothing beats the patented, physician-developed, rice-based Cera Products in maximizing and sustaining rehydration.