Cerasport is an electrolyte replacement drink with only one thing in mind, hydration. Its rice-based carbohydrates, found in the patented formula, enables the body to systematically break their carbohydrates down and utilize the byproduct, without spikes in insulin. This allows the body to efficiently absorb the electrolytes with no backlash. We all know that the need for fluid intake during any strenuous activity is critical, but did you know that water alone cannot replenish the electrolytes that were lost during these activities? Physical exertion causes a person to lose large volumes of fluids and electrolytes, which increases the likely hood of dehydration. By choosing Cerasport you are helping your body continually succeed in the struggle against dehydration.

Benefits of Cerasport:

  • Maintains body hydration and helps prevent dehydration
  • Quick yet sustained fluid and electrolyte replacement
  • Sustains energy with a mixed-chain carbohydrate blend
  • Minimizes negative GI problems, typical with many sports drinks
  • Twice the carbohydrates when compared to Cerasport EX1