Hydration for Hard-Workers | All-Natural Products

Cerasport is designed to keep you hydrated through your every workout. Use with your daily five-miler or circuit training, yoga session or spin class. Mix one stick into 16oz of water for the perfect balance of carbohydrates, sodium, chloride and potassium you need to power through.

Created along with Dr.’s from Johns Hopkins, our rice-based rehydration formula is scientifically proven to rehydrate you better than a sports drink made with simple sugars. Cerasport allows your body to absorb the electrolytes and fluid easily and with maximum efficiency without the stomach distress.

All natural, non-GMO, vegan friendly and Certified Gluten Free.

Cerasport is great for kids who need a sports drink during athletics. In addition to being the most effective hydration you can give your child, cerasport is so low in sugar it is less likely to cause cavities.  

You deserve the best. You need Cerasport.