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Used by Heroes: United States Air Force IFAK
has Ceralyte 70

Today, every Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) issued by the US Air Force has Ceralyte 70 as a part of it. IVs are no longer carried by Airmen. Ceralyte 70 is.

When operating in a high heat or high humidity environment you can sweat out 4% of your body weight in two hours.

That 4% drop from fluid loss means you lose 50%, of your operational capability and performance.

Imagine going on mission with only half of your team, half of your fighting force.

Worse, when you sweat that much you also at serious risk for heat cramps and other heat injuries. A loss as small as 2% will seriously risk mission failure.  

Would be comfortable conducting a training exercise or real-world operation with only half of your combat power?  

The United States Air Force saw this as a serious problem for it’s fighting force.

In the early 2000s, Ceralyte 70 was put to the test by in Uniformed Services University and the researchers at Ft Detrick, Maryland. Cera Products were rigorously put through the paces of scientific discovery and testing.

Our ORS worked so well, and is so effective, that in 2005 the US Air Force Surgeon General testified before Congress to the efficacy and effectiveness of Cera, calling for its use.

It was put into all United States Air Force IFAKs and pilot SERE kits shortly after.

It is critical, both after PT, while on mission, and when you get back in the wire you keep pushing fluids and replacing precious electrolytes.

The Cera family of products, from our Cerasport, Cerasport EX1 and Ceralyte 70 have the right balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes to ensure you and your team maximize their combat power and stay strong all day, all mission- all deployment long. All natural, zero added sugar, non-GMO, vegan friendly and the only sports drink classified as Green in the Army's G4G program. Cerasport Plus is JCCoE Approved for both Garrison and IMT (Initial Military Training). Ceralyte and Cerasport EX1 have NSNs on all flavors, and are on the Joint Deployment Formulary, as well as AMEDD Approved. Please email for a NSN listing or milstrip.  

DAPA: SP020005H0081 /CEC: SPE20018007/ FSS: V797D70223
Class 1: Cerasport Plus is JCCoE Approved for Garrison and Initial Military Training (IMT)


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