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Every United States Air Force IFAK
has Ceralyte 70 as part of it

Today, every Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) issued by the US Air Force has Ceralyte 70 as a part of it. IVs are no longer carried by Airmen. Ceralyte 70 is.

When operating in a high heat or high humidity environment you can sweat out 4% of your body weight in two hours.

That 4% drop from fluid loss means you lose 50%, of your operational capability and performance.

Imagine going on mission with only half of your team, half of your fighting force.

Worse, when you sweat that much you also at serious risk for heat cramps and other heat injuries. A loss as small as 2% will seriously risk mission failure.  

Would be comfortable conducting a training exercise or real-world operation with only half of your combat power?  

The United States Air Force saw this as a serious problem for it’s fighting force.

In the early 2000s, Ceralyte 70 was put to the test by in Uniformed Services University and the researchers at Ft Detrick, Maryland. Cera Products were rigorously put through the paces of scientific discovery and testing.

Our ORS worked so well, and is so effective, that in 2005 the US Air Force Surgeon General testified before Congress to the efficacy and effectiveness of Cera, calling for its use.

It was put into all United States Air Force IFAKs and pilot SERE kits shortly after.

It is critical, both after PT, while on mission, and when you get back in the wire you keep pushing fluids and replacing precious electrolytes.

The Cera family of products, from our Cerasport, Cerasport EX1 and Ceralyte 70 have the right balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes to ensure you and your team maximize their combat power and stay strong all day, all mission- all deployment long.

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There is not a “one size fits all” solution to keep your body hydrated.  

Your level of exertion, the environment you are operating in, the duration of effort, how hydrated or dehydrated you were before you went on mission are all major factors.

Hydration, like so many things in the military, is a continuum.  

Since 1993 Cera Products has worked to perfect a continuum of hydration products to match your operational needs.  

The right tool for the job, that’s a mission imperative. When it comes to hydrating the human body, you need both preventative care and treatment for dehydration.

From our Cerasport line of sports drinks for post PT hydration to our Cerasport EX1 to maintain hydration and be your best on mission. Such preventative care is designed to keep you going day in and day out.

When a service member or civilian on the battlefield is seriously dehydrated, an Oral Rehydration Solution is what you need to treat them and get them back in the fight quickly and effectively.

Ceralyte 70, our flagship ORS, has proven itself in the harshest environments around the world. From treating cholera patients in the developing world of South East Asia to the battlefields our forces are deployed to today. More cost effective than IV therapy, it also rehydrates you more effectively than an IV. Ceralyte 70 is so safe, effective and efficient in rehydrating heat casualties it is put into every IFAK carried by US Air Force personnel around the world.

Finally, we have our Ceralyte 50, which is designed to treat severe dehydration in young children, and our Ceralyte 90 which provides emergency, lifesaving, hydration to those so dehydrated from disease and fluid loss they are in danger of dying.

At every level from daily rehydration to saving the life of someone who is extremely sick, Cera Products has the right solution to your rehydration needs.

We didn’t come up with the initial idea for Cerasport EX1, a deployed combat medic from Asymmetric Warfare Group did.  

He needed a product that adapted to the extreme high heat and high sweat environment of the battlefield in Iraq. He needed a sports drink, something he could give his soldiers for rapid hydration while on mission. A beverage to keep them going so he didn’t have to treat them as a heat casualty.  

Taking our original Ceralyte 70 formula and diluting it was close to what he needed.

Cera brought these battlefield lessons back to the lab. Based on the unique requirements he and combat medics around the military outlined, we got to work. In high heat you need higher amounts of potassium. Your stomach is even more sensitive to things like too much sugar.

Cerasport EX1 was born.

Cerasport EX1’s mission is to hydrate during hot and humid days, when working at high altitudes, or while performing rigorous and demanding physical activities.

Born on the battlefield and perfected in the lab, Cerasport EX1 is the go to rehydration source of the high demand battlefield environment.

Used force wide in the United States Military, because it was the product you told us you needed.

When the elite of the United States military are on mission, all of them trust Cera Products to keep them hydrated and at their absolute best.

Army Rangers, Green Berets, Navy SEALS, MARSOC, AFSOC, JSOC and multiple Special Mission Units have Cera Products both while on mission to prevent dehydration and in their medical kits to treat dehydration.

Not only does every American Special Operations unit use Cera, but the Special Operations Units from our allies in Canada, the UK, Australia and a host of others rely on us to keep them going strong on mission and assist their humanitarian relief efforts.

Organizations like these can have any product on the market.  

They only use the best.

In the gym and on mission they rely on our Cerasport and Ceralyte families of products to keep them operating at peak effectiveness.

There are currently three major published studies on Cerasport, one in the Journal of Exercise Physiology and two in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine (JSOM). All specifically relevant to military populations.

The most recent study published. The team compared blood glucose response of using Cerasport, Gatorade and pure glucose that was consumed both at rest and during exercise. Cerasport, since it is rice based, is made of long-chain, complex carbohydrates. Gatorade uses simple sugars in the form of sucrose.

Subjects included 20 male and 20 female healthy, injury free, normal weight college students recruited from the University of Dayton. The exercise consisted of moderate intensity treadmill jogging at 3.5 mph at a 5% grade for 60 minutes. Cerasport was better at maintaining blood glucose at rest and during exercise. This improved glucose response means improved energy levels during exercise and better performance.

Kuecher AM, Smaldino RJ, OHara RB, Linderman JK. Glycemic and lactate responses of oral hydration solutions in healthy adults at rest and moderate exercise. Journal of Exercise Physiology. 20(3) 2017.


Published in JSOM, a peer review of over 60 studies for assessing the quality, and effectiveness, of beverages used for the hydration of military personnel. The team determined the unique rice-based carbohydrate and electrolyte profile found in Cerasport offers the fastest gastric emptying time (how long it takes to leave your stomach) and absorption from the small intestine into the bloodstream. The study found Cerasport’s profile translates to increased fluid retention and faster carbohydrate availability to meet energy needs, outperforming the other drinks reviewed in the study.

Moore B, O’Hara RB. Mitigating exertional heat illness in military personnel. The science behind a rice-based electrolyte and rehydration drink. Journal of Special Operations Medicine. 16(4) 2016


This seminal study was conducted in 2012 at Ft. Polk, LA. Researchers assessed fluid retention, as measured by change of body weight, when consuming water versus drinking Cerasport during exercise.

Participants included 52 airborne qualified Soldiers, ages 18-29. They exercised on two different days for 2.5 hours consisting of trail running on hills stopping 5 times for pushups, sit-ups, flutter kicks, pull ups and sprints.

Day 1 they were permitted to only consume water during the exercise. Morning temps were 65 degrees.  

Day 2 water was substituted with Cerasport. This day temps were slightly higher at 71 degrees.

When only consuming water on a cooler morning, they lost an average of 3.71% body weight. When consuming Cerasport on a slightly warmer morning, they lost only an average of 1.85% body weight.

When a solider loses 4% of their body weight, due to loss of fluids, they lose a full 50% of the operational capability. They also start to be at increased risks of being a heat causality and suffering from heat cramps.

Gerold K, Greenough WB, Yaser S. Rice-based electrolyte drinks more effective than water in replacing sweat losses during hot weather training and operations. Journal of Special Operations Medicine. 13(4) 2013.

DAPA: SP020005H0081
CEC: SPE20018007
FSS: V797D70223

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