Cerasport and Cerasport EX1 are an electrolyte replacement drink with only one thing in mind, hydration. Their rice-based carbohydrates, found in the patented formula, enables the body to systematically break their carbohydrates down and utilize the byproduct, without spikes in insulin. This allows the body to efficiently absorb the electrolytes with no backlash. We all know that the need for fluid intake during any strenuous activity is critical, but did you know that water alone can not replenish the electrolytes that were lost during these activities? Physical exertion causes a person to lose large volumes of fluids and electrolytes, which increases the likely hood of dehydration. By choosing cerasport and cerasport EX1, you are helping your body continually succeed in the struggle against dehydration.

When do I use Cerasport versus Cerasport EX1?

Cerasport and EX1 are both good choices for everyday hydration and exercise; whether you are running, cycling, hiking or for anytime you are sweating  (yes, even mowing the lawn!). Both formulas are all natural, gluten free and have no sugar added. Since the formulas for each one are different choosing the correct formula is based upon the activity at hand. The biggest differences stem from the concentration of the formula. Cerasport EX1 is recommended for extreme temperatures, including high heat, humidity, and altitude. Since Cerasport EX1 contains almost twice the sodium and potassium levels as Cerasport, this formula is ideal when you are not replenishing electrolyte levels quick enough because of intense output. On the flip side, Cerasport packs twice the carbohydrates found in Cerasport EX1. 


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