Cerasport EX1


Just like its counterpart Cerasport, Cerasport EX1’s primary goal is hydration. The same formula that is present in Cerasport is also in Cerasport EX1 with the main difference being the concentration of electrolytes present. Cerasport EX1 has nearly twice the electrolytes when compared with Cerasport. Cerasport EX1 is geared for high heat-stress environments and strenuous activities. With the increase in sweat production being present, Cerasport EX1’s stronger electrolyte formula will sustain and replenishment throughout the duration of any activity.

Benefits of Cerasport EX1:

  • Maintains body hydration and helps prevent dehydration
  • Quick yet sustained fluid and electrolyte replacement
  • Sustains energy with a mixed-chain carbohydrate blend
  • Minimizes negative GI problems, typical with many sports drinks
  • Nearly double the electrolyte concentration when compared to Cerasport